The unsung heroes of our group are those that never share the limelight. They design and build the sets, make the costumes, set the lights and operate the sound and stage manage the shows.

The first set of pictures below show the build up to a production. You can see the lonely task of first building the stage, lugging out the scenery from our store and then setting up the set and finally dressing it.

Behind The ScenesBehind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes


Behind the ScenesBehind the scenes

Costumes are an integral part of things for us. The pictures show various costumes from past productions, from the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood to Pinocchio and his ever growing nose (a triumph!).



Lighting, Stage Management and Sound are all equally important to Boxford Drama Group, but sadly no pictures exist with the exception of the eerie green lighting used for the Wizard and Witch in Little Red Riding Hood.


Sets are submitted to the director after a brief, the sets are often painted off site and assembled in the Village hall. Below are designs for Now and Then in 2010 and a set for Pinnocchio.

Set Designset design

Set design