Poster - Nov 2023


Hello to all you lovely people out there! Well, here we are again, pantomime time is upon us and I can’t believe it! (Oh yes I can)! It certainly doesn’t feel like a year ago that Boxford Drama Group were getting ready to entertain you, but it was – and now all our actors have been furiously learning their lines and songs to entertain you again in our upcoming production of ‘Puss in Boots’, written by our very own Michael Munn before he passed away last year. Tickets are now available at Boxford Post Office and online via the link: so please grab yourselves some before they sell out. As usual, it will be an evening of fun and frolics, with a bar each night and supper on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These photos were taken at one of our recent rehearsals, just to give you a taste of what’s to come. I shall look forward to seeing you there! We are always looking for new members to boost our group so do feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more.

This year’s Boxford Drama Group pantomime is Michael Munn’s “Puss in Boots” from Wednesday 29 November to Saturday 2 December.

On his way back to the mill, Robin, the miller’s son chances upon a beautiful young woman, and they fall head-over-heels in love. As fate would have it, the mysterious beauty is none other than the Princess, and she is under the watchful eye of her evil stepmother, Queen Malaria. Only a rich nobleman can marry her stepdaughter! How can they possibly be together, their love is destined never to be. Or is it…?

To make matters worse for the poor love-struck Robin, two nasty, money-grabbing Bailiffs whisk his parents off to the dungeons on trumped up charges. How can Robin possibly rescue them and get his girl?

Enter Puss! She speaks, she wears boots, she has a sword and is not afraid to use it. Can this furry swashbuckling hero triumph over the maleficent devil woman Satania, whilst holding off her two wicked sick-kicks? Can she simultaneously keep her cunning plan to fool Queen Malaria into believing Robin is a wealthy suitor for the Princess’s hand in marriage? If that wasn’t enough, can she save Robin’s parents from the dungeons?

Phew, she’s certainly got her work cut out, but then she is… Puss in Boots!