Murder Mystery poster


SEPTEMBER 15th 2018

For one night only! An exciting murder mystery event in Boxford Village Hall.
Tickets only £10. (Available from the post office.)
Licensed bar.
Ploughmans served in the interval.
Prize for the best detective!

Box River News Review

When hotel manager Rex Wilts (Jeremy Morgan) is found dead on the crazy-paving outside his establishment, it’s the guests and staff who become suspects in a particularly perplexing whodunit!
‘Who Killed the Hotel Manager?’ was set in the present at the Primrose Glade Hotel (2 stars) in the fictional town of ‘Bilge on Sea’. Rex’s property’s a pleasant enough place but attracts only a few customers… so how come he and his wife can spend so recklessly? As the action unfolds, it soon becomes apparent that Rex is hiding something, something that’s important enough for someone to want him to ‘check out’ on a more permanent basis. The Hotel manager’s past was about to catch up with him, but who would want Rex dead? Could it be…? Delphinium, his overly glamorous wife? Alison Barlow Cherry Blossom, the willing, but clumsy, maid? Emily Barlow Toby Jugg, the earthy, plain speaking cook? Josef Thompson Susan Perslooth, a curt, secretive guest at the hotel? Angela Tolputt Charles Cusspet, the reclusive second guest? James Tolputt Or…Sid Whittle (aka Randy VanDriver), the lead singer with guest rock band ‘Cherokee’? Sam Tolputt Detective inspector Currie was tasked to unravel a challenging and unsettling murder-mystery… as were the audience!!