A traditional panto with almost all the Drama Group in the cast.


Below is a picture of the colourful set.


Box River News Review:
Allegedly this Aladdin was a traditional take on the original Aladdin story and featured all of the usual Characters from the Gene to the Princess but of course this had the usual Boxford twist with a Scottish Widow Twankey and a pet green dragon called Puff, all tremendously good fun’ Widow Twankey played absolutely brilliantly by Nick Elliott, was in the best panto traditions, cheeky, sarcastic and self-mocking with all of his near-the-knuckle but harmless jokes, Probably the best Panto dame I can remember. Sadly this may have been Nicks final performance in Boxford who with the strain of commuting to London and rehearsals has been finding it a drain on his energy and time.

Boxfords panto stalwart Monica Murphy playing Abanazar was as brilliant as ever and at her nastiest, but you could sympathise with her having to put up with the stupid antics of Meeno-Brainee and Oso-Dim (Coralie Marshall and Elaine Carpenter) who never failed to get a laugh. Then of course there was the Emperor (Mike Keith) who had fed all his courtiers to the Dragons and needed to marry his daughter Princess Bigdroopydrawers (Bronwen Cotterell) to a Noble Man but none would have her. He also needed a new housekeeper!!

The rest of the cast gave a storming performance including Frances Korabik as Aladdin and David Phillips as the genie of the lamp who tended to fill the stage with his presence, and not forgetting the Narrator played by Jane Elliot whose asides and hurry ups helped to speed the Panto along with never a dull moment.

A special word for Joe Barrett who wrote and directed the Panto and The Musical direction of Ward Baker who also composed the music as well as playing it. He was ably assisted by Gareth Price as choir master and as a team they were brilliant. Lighting, Sound and Special effects were slick and professional as always. At the interval we were treated to a full Christmas Dinner with Turkey, sausages and stuffing accompanied by roast potatoes, carrots and Sprouts followed by Mince pies and cream, delicious.