Reading Between The Wines



Something very different for us. A play with songs… …Elaine Horne created a story of 6 couples, the women on a girls night out and the men at a wine tasting. Mike Keith wrote some beautiful songs and the whole thing was performed with great skill.

‘Reading Between the Wines’, a musical written by our very own Elaine Horne and with music composed and played by Mike Keith who also co wrote the Lyrics with Elaine, was without any doubt the finest yet. I believed it was going to be difficult to follow ‘Haunted’ but I was wrong.

It started about two years ago as a play and then Elaine had the brilliant idea of turning it into a musical, that is when the great team of Horne and Keith was born and the rest as they say is history.

All ten of the performers had been perfectly cast and each had an equal part to play. There were no Star performers, they were all Stars and with the material they were provided with and excellent direction how could they fail. Each performance was a sell out and there must have been about 300 meals served over the three days. Well done to everyone involved in the production and especially to our local Bard Elaine Horne

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