MARCH 2019

preparetomeetthytombPrepare To Meet Thy Tomb

The family who plays togetherm slays together!

The Tombs family, who can trace their heritage back to the Borgias, are a family of professional assassins. However, as darkness descends can they survive the sudden arrival of uninvited visitors at the family lair of Monument House Hotel and Health Farm?

As the evening passes, it appears that it’s not only the Tombs that have a myriad of secrets to hide, but that each of their unwelcome callers also has his or her own clandestine agenda for being at the Hotel. It’s not long before they are soon sneaking around the old mansion’s secret passages and inevitably one by one they fall victim to violent deaths by devious techniques. Mayhem ensues with unlikely liaisons, over-the-top characters and shocking plot twists which all prove to be deadly for all parties, and a murder fest occurs. All resulting in an irresistible combination of a comedy spoof and baffling murder mystery.

Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb – Boxford Village Hall 7.30pm 14th, 15th 16th March 2019. Tickets on sale in Boxford Post Office. £13 includes supper and there will be a licensed bar